SAARC International Womens Day


SAARC Cultural Centre, together with the Women’s Chamber of Industry and Culture, will celebrate International Women’s day with a panel discussion featuring Sri Lanka’s well known women in the Arts and Culture. The topic under discussion is “ Cultural Identity and Contribution of Women in South Asia” The panel discussants are Somalatha Subasinghe- Cinematographer, Actress, Playwright and dramatist, Upeka Chitrasena – Leading Exponent of traditional Low Country and Kandyan Dance, Iromi Wijewardene – Renowned Artist, a career spanning over 40 years, Meneka Fonseka Sahabandu – Pianist, soprano and teacher, who has enthralled Western Classical Music lovers over 25 years, Dharshi Keerthisena – Designer, whose work fuses contemporary fashion design with traditional Sri Lankan Batik techniques

A programme not to be missed, limited seating available, please RSVP to 2584451 – The SAARC Cultural Centre, Sri Lanka





17 FEBRUARY 2012 (1ST DAY)



The SAARC Cultural Festival was inaugurated yesterday under the distinguished patronage of Hon. Minister Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena. This festival began with a colorful parade showcasing all the participating Member states of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives and Sri Lanka. In addition to the Member States, troupes from Sri Lanka were also part of the parade. The event that followed was truly an experience of culture, where all participating Member States performed, bringing out the different forms of tradition dance and music. There was also a food festival to coincide with the main performance.


The festival will continue today, with the performances starting at 7pm, and tomorrow (19th) in Galle. Entrance is free for the public.


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SAARC Cultural Festival

Culture within the region is diverse, and is influenced by many factors. Culture rich in tradition and diverse in nature, brings together the peoples of nations, in an exchange of art that has no barriers. Seeing and participating in Cultural Festivals is the best way in experiencing culture, traditions, life and people, and to promote cultural cooperation and development. The SAARC Cultural Centre, Colombo, will organize a Cultural Festival, from 17 – 19 February 2012 which will celebrate diversity of culture, ethnicities and peoples of the SAARC Region. The Cultural Festival will take place over three days. It will specifically focus on traditional dance and music from the region, and also have fringe events, which will include an Exhibition on traditional music of the region and a Food Festival.

SAARC Film Day Series 2012


The First of many films featuring movies from the SAARC Region, was screened on the 23rd of January Monday, at the National Film Corporation Cinema Hall. A film by Marc Forster, “The Kite Runner” is based in Afghanistan.  This movie, is a fascinating historic epic, set in the 20th century Afghanistan in 1978. The story is plotted in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, the much privileged life of Amir, with his Baba (father) a life where Hassan, son of his servant, natures up not only as a playmate, but as a kite runner, and loyal friend who always stood up for Amir against the local bully. The story revolved around the friendship between the two, but reflects other parts of like… the war torn Afghanistan with Russian invasion, that make Amir and his father leave their home on a dark night. They escape to America, where they make a new home in San Francisco. “A splendid blend of cast, location, and strength of characters, played by the actors with impressive performance”. The director of the film, Marc Forster, brings to life Khaled Hosseini’s book with a globally diverse cast and crew, mixing a remarkable group of non actors from Afghanistan and Central Asia, with an accomplished international cast. The result is a journey into a new world, – through a universal human story that speaks to anyone who has ever yearned for a second chance to make a change and find forgiveness.