SAARC Artist Camp and Exhibition of Paintings

Venue: Maldives
Dates: 22-27, September 2019

Artistry and the expression of Art has been the corner stone of activities at the SAARC Cultural Centre since its inception. The medium of Paintings has held a very important place within the Calendar of Activities at the Centre and the promotion of artists and painters from the Region has been a regular feature. The SAARC Cultural Centre has been committed to creating a space for Artists from the SAARC Region to come together and share their creative expressions on canvas. In 2019 the SAARC Cultural Centre will conduct the SAARC Artist Camp and Exhibition of Paintings, amidst the oceanic beauty and serene tranquility of the Maldives.

The SAARC Region has seen many forms of art, from primitive cave scrawling and simple pictures to sophisticated varieties of art that are still being discovered and celebrated around the world. Young, talented Artists continue to emerge from the Region, exploring and developing different forms of art, all of which adds to the growing collection of artistic wonders in South Asia.

The 9th SAARC Artist Camp and Exhibition of Paintings will be held from the 22nd to 27th of September 2019, under the themes of “Oceans, a binding treasure of South Asia” and “Cultures and Confluences of Creativity” will take place at a suitable picturesque location, amidst the serene and oceanic splendor of the host Member State of The Maldives.