SAARC Food Festival And Spice Exhibition 2021


Venue    : India

Dates     : To be announced


Food concepts of current days are witnessing a drastic change due to people following contemporary life style. Traditional recipes and dietary diversity have started diminishing without a trace with fast food conquering plates. South Asia is no exception to the damage exerted on traditional food and its practices, people in the region neglecting the age-old recipes put themselves under the radar of health challenges. South Asian cuisine has its origin rooted to the southern part of the Asian continent influenced by multitude of cultural affluences. While it has its own in colour, flavor, aroma and the many other aspects, witnesses the deterioration of its organic values and health aspects that necessarily was embedded in Asian food culture, on the other hand  shows its losing grip over preservation of traditional recipes and patterns. It is more than crucial that at least prevailing recipes and practices are restored with knowledge and know-how documented. This could be a turning point in changing the alarming scenario of the food practices followed at present.

As to address and to create awareness on the diminishing food practices and traditional recipes, SAARC Cultural Centre has come up with the first of its kind programme, a food festival and a spice exhibition, under its calendar activities for 2021, scheduled to be held in collaboration with the honoured member state of India. The festival organized will have its focus directed towards recognizing culinary artists engaged making traditional recipes for years.  As it sounds, this festival would remain a substantial regional platform for the exchange of traditional culinary practices and it would encourage artist interaction between the member states.