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Traditionally men in Pakistan wear the Salwar Kameez; the style of which dependents on the fabric, colours, patterns, and design. The most popular dress among Pakistani women is also Shalwar Khameez. However, the Salwar Kameez worn by women is far more colourful and stylish. Many women in the Sindh province wear the Saari.

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The Sherwani or Achkan with Karakuli hat is the national dress of Pakistan for men, as it is not specifically associated with any of the provinces. All ethnic groups have their traditional dress. For a more detailed look into dress of ethnic groups in Pakistan please clickhere.

In Multan, men in rural areas wear a Pag or turban, white or blue waist cloth or ‘Majhla’, a long shirt called ‘Kulla’ and a ‘chadar’ over the shoulder. Women wear the shalwar, Lehnga or ‘Ghagra’ of bright colours. The head is covered with ‘Bochan’ or embroidered and Phulkari chadars

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