2nd Session of the SAARC Talk Series 2024

The second session of the SAARC Talk Series 2024 (Virtual Mode) was held on 20th February 2024 by the SAARC Cultural Centre, Sri Lanka. The speaker was Dr. Shrikant Ganvir, Assistant Professor, Department of Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology, Deccan College, Post-Graduate and Research Institute, Pune, India. In the presentation, Dr. Ganvir emphasised the importance of the role of landscape in the development of Buddhist monastic sites of North-eastern Andhra Pradesh such as Thotlakonda, Bavikonda, Salihundam and Sankaram. The lecture also addressed several questions such as understanding the nature of the associationship between laity and monastic establishments in this region and also explored the interactions between pre-Buddhist folk cults and Buddhist ritual practices at the monastic sites of the region.