3rd Session of the SAARC Talk Series 2023

In continuation of the SAARC Talk Series 2023 (Virtual Mode) organized by the SAARC Cultural Centre (SCC), Colombo, the Third SAARC Talk Series was scheduled on Tuesday, 18th July 2023, 15:00 pm (Sri Lankan Standard Time). The speaker of the Talk Series was Mr. Iyaz J. Naseem, Executive Board Member of National Language Academy of Maldives, Maldives. He spoke on the topic Etymological Connection of Maldivian Languages to Other Indian Languages.

His presentation delves into the etymological links between Divehi and other Indian languages, shedding light on the historical interactions that have influenced its vocabulary and phonological characteristics. Through an analysis of shared lexicon and phonetic similarities Mr. Naseem explained the linguistic heritage that binds the Maldivian language with its India sisters.