5th Session of the SAARC Talk Series 2023

The Fifth SAARC Talk Series 2023 (Virtual Mode) was held on (Tuesday), 26th September 2023,15:00 pm (Sri Lankan Standard Time) at the SAARC Cultural Centre (SCC), Sri Lanka. Dr. Marium Kamal, Assistant Professor at the Centre for South Asian Studies, University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan spoke on Political Philosophy of Arthashastra. In her talk Dr. Kamal highlighted Kautilya’s massive contribution to the science of politics, statecraft and also related the ancient political thought and philosophy with existing political structure and alliances. In her talk, Dr. Kamal underlined how we have ignored our grounded school of thought and native reflections. She emphasized how Kautilya’s indigenous knowledge and realist wisdom is not only limited to South Asia, but also it can be analyzed through global politics.