7th Session of the SAARC Talk Series 2023

The Seventh SAARC Talk Series (Virtual Mode) was held on 24th November 2023, 15:00 (Sri Lanka Standard Time) at the SAARC Cultural Centre (SCC), Sri Lanka. Ms. Kamalika Bose, Urban Conservationist, and Founder-Principal Heritage Synergies India spoke on the topic “Building Regional Cooperation Through Shared Cultural Heritage of Kolkata and Dhaka”. She spoke on two of the most important riverine cities in the deltaic morphology of once undivided Bengal-Kolkata and Dhaka and how they share a significant cultural and architectural heritage that is a strong conduit for building regional cooperation. This lecture explored the historical, cultural, and architectural “sharedness” between Kolkata and Dhaka- as a tool to enable dialogue and foster exchange between epar-opar Bangla.