8th Session of the SAARC Talk Series 2023

The Eighth SAARC Talk Series (Virtual Mode) was held on 6th December 2023, at 14:00 (Sri Lanka Standard Time) at the SAARC Cultural Centre (SCC), Sri Lanka. Eng. (Dr.) Sanath Panawennage Director General & Chief Executive Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies Colombo, Sri Lanka spoke on the Topic: ‚ÄúPreserving South Asia’s Cultural Heritage: ‘Space’ as a Decisive Enabler. In his talk, Dr Panawennage highlighted the importance of space-based tools, including satellite-based earth observation, geospatial information systems, and global navigation satellite systems in the conservation and management of cultural sites. His presentation illuminates the pivotal role that these space technology applications could play in realizing these preservation and management efforts.