Cultural Festivals & Events

People of Bhutan are deeply associated with their age-long customs and festivals. Dance, music and food, along with plethora of customs are inextricably associated with these festivals.


Dromche festival is dedicated to Yeshe Gompo (Mahakala) or Palden Lhamo, the two main protective deities of Drukpas (Drukpas means people of Druk land or Bhutanese) and generally includes dance. Punakha Dromche is celebrated in the first month of the lunar year and ends with ‘Serda’, that is, a magnificent procession which re-enacts an episode of the war against the Tibetans in the 17th century.

Jambay Lhakhang Drup

This festival is celebrated for two reasons: to commemorate an establishment of Jambay Lhakhang (temple) in the 7th century and to honour Guru Rimpoche, a saint who introduced Tantric form of Buddhism in Bhutan. To celebrate Jambay Lhakhang Drup a variety of traditional and mask dances are performed and each dance signifies an important meaning. This is one of the most important festival in Bhutan. ‘Mewang’ (the fire ceremony) and the ‘Tercham’ (a religious dance) are the highlights of the festival.

Paro Festival

Paro Festival/Tshechu is celebrated with sequences of dance being showcased. Most dances are the same as at other Tshechus, but the sequence varies. Shinje Yab, dance of the lord of death and his consort is performed on day one; and the costume is of buffalo mask and long brocade dress. The second day of the festival begins with “chipdrel