Cultural Festivals & Events

Festivals in Maldives are a time for family and friends to get together. Since Maldives is a Islamic nation it follows and observes most of the religious occasion in Islam.

Ramadan: Ninth month of the Muslim calendar is the month of Ramadan, during which fasting is observed for thirty days. Work timings nationwide altered to accommodate religious duties. Fasting concludes when the moon is sighted on the last day of the month. This day is celebrated as Eid.

Kuda Eid: The end of Ramadan is marked by the festival of Kuda Eid. It also commemorates the beginning of the month of Shawaal in the Islamic Calendar. In Male, at the sighting of the new moon, cannons are set off to welcome Kuda Eid. Early in the morning, people gather at the mosque to offer prayers to the God. Families offer Zakath to those less fortunate than them. Kuda Eid is celebrated for three consecutive days, and is a time for reverence, gratitude, and festivities.

Prophet’s Birthday: The Prophet’s birthday, is celebrated on the 12th day of the Rabee-ul-Awwal month of the Islamic calendar. On this day people visit their relatives and share food with neighbors and friends.

Eid-ul-Al’h’aa: Eid-ul-Al’h’aa falls on the 10th day of Zul-Hijja of the Islamic calendar. This festival is of great importance as many people leave on a pilgrimage to Mecca during this period. This festival brings with it an atmosphere of brotherhood and feasting. People plan ahead and visit their friends and relatives staying in different islands. Sports including traditional sports, music and dance all form a part of the festivities of Maldives.

There are also a number of secular holidays in Maldives including the National day, and republic day. For a complete list of festivals in Maldives please click here.