Cultural Identities

What makes a diverse nation like India a unified country? With a population of over one billion people, with a history spanning over 5000 years, and cultural and ethnic diversity of such a vast scale, it is difficult question to answer. Perhaps the answer lies in that often repeated creed: Unity in Diversity.

The 1.2 billion people of India are divided by a number of cultural, social, linguistic, religion and economical signifiers. Yet these differences bring with it its own unique sense of identity and culture to the larger identity of being an Indian.

According to the 2011 census 80.5% of the country follows the Hindu faith. While Muslims (13.4%), Christians (2.3%) and Sikhs (1.9%) make up the largest religious minorities. These religions are further divided into a number of sects. The connectors and dividers in modern India are too vast to keep account of. Every region, every ethnicity has its own values, practices, eccentricities and tradition. For more details please click here.

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