Theatre in Bhutan has traditionally not been a distinguished art form apart from the performances in religious festivals such as tshechus. However, from the 1960s until today, scattered attempts have been made to develop theatre tradition based on traditional stories such as Gasa lami Singye, the Bhutanese equivalenent to Romeo and Juliet. In recent years, Thimpu based Happy Valley Youth Entertainment (in short Happy Valley, anedutainmet company) types of efforts are being made to use theatre and entertainment as a means for social change. Happy Valley is trying to help socially challenged young people (substance abuse, people with precarious family situation, etc.) to develop more self-esteem and stability in life. Moreover, under contemporary modernization and development process, modern aspects of theatre and entertainment have been introduced, which makes it difficult to sustain the already marginalized art form of theatre. Happy family tries to combine traditional theatrical elements in their work.