Tsha zo (bamboo work)


The art of bamboo weaving or tshar dzo is practiced mainly in Kheng Zhemgang and Trimshing Kangpara in Trashigang. Examples of this art form are- Bangchungs, palangs, floor mats and mats for drying grains, musical instruments like flutes, matted bamboo for roofs and fences, traditional bows and arrows. In Bhutan, woven bamboo is also used to decorate wood and to make bamboo containers for alcohol and quivers. Bamboo/cane tupperware-baskets known as bangchung that snap together to form a container are very popular handicraft items.

De zo (paper making)


Traditionally, the art of paper making was confined for monastic purposes. Today, paper making is of great commercial value and is popular in Bomdeling and Rigsum Gonpa in Trashi Yangtse. Desho (paper) is especially made from the bark of a plant known as Daphne (Deshing). The paper products today are mainly used for wrapping gifts and writing religious scriptures. Handmade paper of Bhutan is popular both domestically and internationally.

Shag zo (wood turning)

Shag dzo or wood turning is another ancient art tradition of Bhutan. Examples of this are bowls, plates, cups and containers from different types of wood. This is best practiced in Trashiyangtse in eastern Bhutan. Hand-turned wooden utensils are usually made by an artisan community in eastern Bhutan using pedal lathes on burlwood of prized wood like rhododendron and daphne.



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