SAARC Artists’ Camp and Exhibition of Paintings 2013


Over the last two years the SAARC Cultural Centre has created the space for Artists from the SAARC Region to gather together and put forward their creative expressions on canvass at the SAARC Artist Camp held in 2011 and 2012 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This year, artists from the region are called to the beautiful islands of the Maldives, where they will exhibit their paintings as well as paint on site. Against the scenic background of the Maldive Islands, artists would be given an opportunity to mingle, and create over a period of four days.

The upcoming Artist camp in Maldives will give young artists from the region an opportunity to showcase their works and interact with other artists on themes such as  “Futuristic Visions” “Tropical Paradise” and the “Need for change”. Parallel to the camp there will also be an exhibition of paintings by the nominated artists participating at the artist camp at the National Art Gallery, Maldives.

The following are the main Objectives:

  1. To create a forum for artists to share ideas and views and to compare similarities and dissimilarities pertaining to art forms in the SAARC Region.
  2. To give young artists of the region an opportunity to exhibit their paintings under the common bond they share as artists from the SAARC region at a common location.
  3. To give artists of the region to explore the Maldives, a group of beautiful islands in South Asia, and give them an opportunity to paint amidst the picturesque and peaceful backdrop, which will be an inspiration to produce excellent works of art.
  4. To enable artists of the region to interact with each other.
  5. To give the general public an opportunity to work and watch the work of artists from the region.

The Artist Camp will be held for 4 days, in an island, nearby Male the capital, at Kudos Bandos Islands from the 25th – 28th of March 2013.
Nominations are now called for, through the respective Cultural Ministries in the SAARC Member States.
All the general public of Maldives and tourists visiting the islands are warmly welcome to the Artists Camp to observe and learn from the great artists/painters work on site.