SAARC Cultural Centre Marks the 6th International Archives Day (June 9)


June 9 is the International Archives Day.

A decision to celebrate 9th of June as the International Archives Day was taken by the International Council on Archives (ICA) in its Annual General Meeting in November 2007. This date also marks the establishment of the ICA in 1948 under the auspices of the UNESCO.

Mandated to preserve and promote the cultural cooperation amongst  the people of South Asia, the SAARC Cultural Centre, rededicates itself to the conservation and optimal utilization of the rich documentary heritage of South Asia. The Centre is also pleased to announce that in collaboration with the Department of National Archives, Sri Lanka, it will be organizing the SAARC International Conference on the Development of Archives in South Asia (Colombo, 9-11 October 2013). (Please await more details to be posted on our website soon).

On the occasion of the 6th International Archives Day, the SAARC Cultural Centre also affirms its support to the Universal Declaration on Archives which was adopted by the 36th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO on 10th November 2011. The Declaration is an important step in improving understanding and awareness of archives among the general public and key decision-makers. It is a powerful, succinct statement of the relevance of archives in modern society.It:

  • DEFINES archives to include all recorded decisions, actions and memories in all formats including paper, digital, and audio visual;
  • RECOGNISES the uniqueness of archives in the way they provide authentic evidence of human actions;
  • EMPHASISES the key role of archives in ensuring administrative transparency and democratic accountability; supporting democracy and human rights, and preserving collective social memory.
  • EXPLAINS the role of archivists as skilled professionals who care for archives and provide access to them;
  • HIGHLIGHTS the key requirements for good archival management.
You can also show your support for the Universal Declaration on Archives by ‘signing’ the online register either as an individual or on behalf of an institution, organisation or association at the website of the International Council on Archives (ICA):