SAARC Handicraft Exhibition and Workshop Thimphu, Bhutan 31st May 2018 to 1st June 2018

Handicrafts are a part of the culture of the SAARC Region, the tangible representation of the intangible aspects of culture.  The artisans create their products using traditional material and techniques which reflect the history of each Member State through handicraft.  Many of these handicrafts, associated knowledge and techniques, specially the intangible aspects are fast disappearing from the Region due to the introduction of other man-made material.  To revive these traditional crafts and to give the crafts and the artisans a recognition and value, the SAARC Cultural Centre established the Handicraft Exhibition and Workshop.  The SAARC Cultural Centre further hopes to promote Cultural Industries within Region through the SAARC Handicraft Exhibition and Workshop.  The First Handicraft Exhibition and Workshop was held in 2016 in Sri Lanka followed by the Second Handicraft Exhibition and Workshop held in Bangladesh in 2017.  The Third Handicraft Exhibition and Workshop will be held in conjunction with the Culture Capital in Thimphu, Bhutan giving the artisans from the Region more prominence and an opportunity to display their artistry and to work together and learn from each other during the workshop.