SAARC International Women’s Day

i.    Date: 8th March 2020
ii.   Venue: Bangladesh
iii.  Programme: Non-Participatory
iv.  Theme: “Women in Handicraft sector of Bangladesh

8th of March is observed as the SAARC International women’s Day coinciding with the International Women’s Day celebrations held around the globe. This year, the Centre organizes this programme in association with the Ministry of Women and Child affairs of Bangladesh. The 2020 programme aims at recognising “Women in Handicraft sector of Bangladesh”.

Handicrafts of Bangladesh can be traced back to the time immemorial and it includes textile, metal works, jewelry, woodworks, clay, pottery and jute products. Over the time, the handicrafts of Bangladesh have gained much attention and still in the momentum of acquiring recognition around the globe. Women play a predominant role in the handicraft sector of Bangladesh comprising of self-employed & home-based workers. As this year’s celebrations are taking place in Bangladesh, the role of women in Handicrafts sector of Bangladesh will be highlighted.

The focus of the programme is a Forum of discussion titled ‘Expression of Womanhood through Handicrafts’. This forum is expected to generate productive outcomes that would be instrumental in the development of Handicrafts sector. Significantly to discuss matters which are more relevant to the handicraft sector in the region of South Asia; like using online platform for marketing, highlighting sustainable materials of the handicrafts, relating crafts and folk-tales.  The programme will acknowledge prominent women personalities from the Handicraft sector of Bangladesh. The key note address will focus on prospective aspects of crafts as the only alternative for sustainable life products. Through this Forum, speakers will be sharing their life journey as artisans: their challenges and successes. The SAARC Cultural Centre strongly believes that this interactive platform would facilitate the exchange of experiences and will spark the motivation and confidence among the women aspirants.