SAARC Talk Series 2023

Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diversity

The SAARC Cultural Centre (SCC) envisions ‘Culture’ as a powerful tool to bring the countries of the SAARC region closer. The SCC in keeping with its mandate to preserve, retain and promote culture and heritage, proposes to initiate a new Talk Series on selected topics, whereby individuals from diverse professional backgrounds ranging from, but not limited to, cultural heritage management, museum, archives, academia, film, literature, archaeology, in either private or public sectors based in SAARC Member States will be given an opportunity to share their expertise, and discuss issues of mutual and regional importance. Cherishing the affinity and recognizing and appreciating the differences that exist among different cultures is essential in promoting peace, unity, and respect for people from diverse backgrounds.
The Talk Series will bring together professionals, and individuals from various backgrounds to engage in discussions and share insights on how to promote cultural diversity through different mediums and create inclusive environments.


  • To contribute to sustainable development and inclusive growth through the legitimate understanding of cultural heritage, cultural diversity and inclusion.
  • To provide a platform for individuals from different backgrounds to engage in insightful discussions on cultural heritage, cultural diversity and inclusion.
  • To identify strategies and best practices that can be applied to create inclusive environments.
  • To inspire and encourage individuals, organizations, and communities to embrace diversity and foster inclusion.

The monthly Talk Series will be held once a month, for a duration of two hours. The Series will feature a panel of speakers from different cultural backgrounds, including professionals and scholars from the SAARC region, and each speaker will present on a particular topic based on the themes mentioned below, followed by discussion and Q&A session with the audience.

Online via Google Meet
Tentative topics that will be covered in the Talk Series:
The topics to be included in the proposed Talk Series would be thematically arranged under the approved programme-SAARC Archaeology and Heritage Management Training that were carried forward from 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The proposed programmes, thus, would include one talk representating the following thematic areas:

  • Intangible Heritage
  • Archaeology and Heritage Management
  • Nature and Culture: Heritage in Context
  • Cultural Heritage and Conflict
  • Material Culture
  • Indigenous Heritage
  • Museums and Community Engagement
  • Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development
  • Literature as Cultural Heritage
  • Cinema as Cultural Heritage

A panel of professionals, experts, cultural actors from the field of their expertise will be invited to present both theoretical and practical aspects of each topic, as well as applications and case studies.

Nomination Process:
Due to time constraints, SCC, with the help of its existing resource network, will choose the speaker from the respective Member State and his/her details will be duly communicated to the SAARC Secretariat. As the proposed Talk Series is due to commence in mid-2023, SCC will try its best to accommodate as many speakers as possible representing the SAARC Member States if not all the SAARC Member States.

Target Audience:
The Talk Series is targeted at emerging professionals, such as students and young researchers, but also advanced conservators, curators, restorers, and other cultural heritage stakeholders.

The online lectures will be recorded and widely disseminated via the SCC social media platforms and those networks (universities/ ministries/departments etc) of the speakers and the papers developed out of the talk will be brought out as SCC publication.

In conclusion, the monthly Talk Series on the topic of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diversity will provide a platform for individuals from different backgrounds to engage in insightful discussions on how to foster inclusion and promote cultural diversity. The Talk Series will be a valuable resource for individuals, organizations, and communities, young scholars and students that seek to build inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and respected. We believe that the Talk Series will inspire and encourage individuals, organizations, and communities to embrace diversity and make positive changes in their communities.
Anyone wishing to attend the online Talk Series needs to register by email to and the meeting code and password will be shared with them.