Traditions & Rituals

The social interactions of everyday are guided by a age old traditions. People and tradition differ to the community or ethnicity one belongs. These social customs help create and maintain the sense of community.

Among the Punjabis in Pakistan during the wedding, the choora (red bangles) worn by brides has to necessarily come as a gift from her maternal uncles, while the Khat (bridal gift) has to come from the maternal grandparents.

The Baloch welcome the birth of a child –especially boy child –with much song and dance. Women attend the mother for seven nights and sing the sipatt (songs of praise), as food and sweets are prepared and distributed. The Baloch may also practice the custom of Mangirwhereby there is a mass marriage of several couples in the community.

The tradition of Badal (revenge) among the Pukhtoon is often heard about. The obligation to take revenge falls not only on the individual but the entire tribe. Feuds over Zar, Zan, Zamin (money, women, land) have been going on since centuries. However, sometimes feuds are terminated when the weaker party seeks forgiveness through the nanawati system where blood money may be accepted in lieu of revenge. Another well-known aspect of the Paktunwali (code of conduct for the Pustoons) is the Melmastia where one extends hospitality and assurance of safety to a guest or enemy if he seeks it.

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