Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions of South Asia


  1. Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions of South Asia – Editor Sanjay Garg
  2. Preface by G.L.W. Samarasinghe
  3. Introduction by Sanjay Garg
  4. Traditional Knowledge: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Daya Dissanayake
  5. Mind Management using Power of Cosmic Sound Vibrations by Anurag Chhabra
  6. Sri Lanka‘s Traditional Knowledge about Health and Wellbeing: History, Present Status and the Need for Safeguarding by Nireka De Silva
  7. Traditional Maldivian Houses – Unfolds the Maldivian Craftsmanship and Lifestyle by Zaha Ahmed
  8. Traditional Knowledge in Fishing Practices: Maduganga System, Sri Lanka by G.P.P.G. Manusinghe
  9. Energy-based Farming: The Future Way of Affordable Agriculture by Satish Selukar and Anurag Chhabra
  10. The Legal Safeguard for Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions by J.M. Swaminathan
  11. Dance Forms of Kerala: Symbols of Traditional Culture by Jayaprabha Ravindran
  12. Baliphonics: Adaptation of Sri Lankan, Low Country, Bali Ritual Music on to the Concert Stage by Sumuditha Suraweera
  13. Tradition amidst the Challenge of Change: The Dance Ritual of the Eighteen Vannams in the Twenty-First Century by Sinharaja Tammita-Delgoda
  14. The Rickshaw and Rickshaw Painting in Dhaka City by Firoz Mahmud
  15. A Language of Symbols: Rangoli Art of India by Nayana Tadvalkar
  16. The Jamdani Sari: An Exquisite Female Costume of Bangladesh by Shahida Khatun
  17. Traditional Costumes of the Kalasha Kafirs of Chitral, Pakistan by Shabnam Bahar Malik
  18. Overview of Traditional Weaving (Thagzo) in Bhutan by Sonam Yudon
  19. Caste, Craft and Traditional Knowledge in Sri Lanka by Kalinga Tudor Silva
  20. List of Contributors